What do I need to bring?

Wear a pair long pants, jeans preferably and closed in shoes.  If training in the heat of summer wear a long sleeved shirt which can be worn for slow speed car park exercises.  Bring any bike riding gear you may have and I will supply whatever else is needed.  For Pre Learner and RE courses I suggest to bring some snacks and a light lunch.  Most importantly don’t waste any energy on being nervous, you will be fine and have a good night sleep.

How does the Bluetooth intercom work?

All my training helmets have Bluetooth installed and if you wear your own I have portable units that we use.  It’s just like talking on the phone with an earpiece.

How much does it cost to get my Q-Ride competency declaration?

Your declaration is included in the price of your course.

Where does training take place?

We meet at my office in Burleigh where the enrolment is completed.  Some theory  modules are done here and then it is off to the training facility.

What do we do on the day?

The course is a combination of theory, demonstrations, coaching and practice.  We follow the course curriculum set by TMR.

What sort of bikes do you have?

I have a range of training bikes that suit just about every riding style.  All my bikes  are in perfect condition and often get complemented on their presentation.

Should I use my own bike?

I definitely recommend using your own bike if it is the correct class for the course.  Much better to learn the handling characteristics of your own bike.  Also I will never ask you to perform a task which may damage your bike.

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